• 92 members led by tigreadrais
    For lovely ladies who don't eat animals ;-)
  • 90 members led by sho
    for all the yorkshire girls :)
  • 90 members led by cwheeler7978
    anyone who is gay and 30 plus from the u.k come and meet some friends in this new group i have made.xx
  • 89 members led by Nick
    A group for all of us lesbians who have children and maybe looking to meet other gay parents!
  • 88 members led by Delirium
    If you are a geek or you love them, then this my friend is the group for you.
  • 87 members led by trek71
    A group for us up north(west).

    Other than that, I don't really have any ideas just yet!
  • 87 members led by tash57
    I have always loved Tracy´s music. The fact that she´s one of us is just a bonus!
  • 83 members led by kt85
    Wether it be Rock, Metal, Punk, DnB, Indie....just any other music that is not generally played on the scene.

    I have been to a few places in the Birmingham Area which are LGBT friendly and play other music such as Carling Academy, Scruffy Murphys and...  more
  • 80 members led by MissManuka
    For girls who love a bit of headbanging rock or metal music.