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    For fans of the prison tv series BADGIRLS!!
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    for all u lovely rock chicks who like to rock out to the best music of all rock!
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    This is a community dedicated to boyish/ masculine/ butch/male-souled female individuals and those who don't let the stereotypes surrounding their sex define who they are, so that they can share the experience of their circumstances.

    Whether you're a...  more
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    Homophobia is not going to go away by ignoring it, stand up, be counted and be a part of changing things
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    This group is for women who love to drink champagne !!!
    Share your favourite places to drink champagne around the world ; )
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    For girls who love Tegan and Sara
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    This group is for all women who love camping to get away from it all on weekends and weeks away. Post the camp sites you've been to and share with the rest of us your experiences
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    For any members of who like Ellen!
    Please share pictures, video and all Ellen - related info!

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    A group for all gay girls who go to the gym!
    We can share ideas, inspire each other, add photos, interesting videos, diet and nutrition advice etc.