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    People that only stay in Houston
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    A place to meet people in the area!
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    Muacks.... What are you doing?
    Que tas haciendo ?
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    I luv my Atlanta folkz***
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    Did you have the travel in Taiwan?
    Taiwan is the beutiful island!
    There have many delicious food (ex:Taiwan 柯哇煎、 豬腳麵線、牛肉麵、珍珠奶茶...etc), and have Passionate people,they love to meet new friends, but Foreign language...  more
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    For people around Driffield Beverley and Hull area, chat and meet! :)
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    California connection
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    We're Fun, Fabulous Fem Divas that Enjoy the Best of the Best. If you Don't Treat us like a Queen or take notice of our Diva qualities then keep it moving because Bougie Divas live a PoshLife.
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    This group is for those who it is the first time and those who would like a first timer ENJOY
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    Ladies loving ladies in Portland, Oregon.