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    theres not enough 'cheeky' pics of you lovely ladies on lets see ya lucky pants pics;-) xxx
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    I know there's an African-American group but.. I am Jamaican-Canadian, Can't we all just appreciate the true beauty of dark skin from all over the world?? I know I do :)
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    For Canadian members to get to know each other.
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    Together we can raise awareness and knowing the signs could save either your life or the life of a woman you love.

    One of my closest friends has started chemotherapy for ovarian cancer...  more
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    For users to post their own or other artists work that depicts the beauty and passion of women making love to women
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    A safe place to chat with new people and make friends!!
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    To all who has been inspired, moved and changed by shane mccutcheon/katherine moennig of the L word :)
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    For girls who still like men but also like sleeping with women.
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    Women who love photography and want to share their knowledge with others.
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    For all you gorgeous scottish lasses!!