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    Share poetry stories life, drawings, weird and soulful creations, random chatter, music etc etc,
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    Do you like The Office? Join now in the office fanclub!
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    Hi :

    Welcome to the Emilie Autumn fan group.

    Whether you're an old or newer fan, you're welcome here.
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    This is a group for anyone who is curious about the supernatural and the paranormal. You can share your experience with the paranormal and talk with others who share anot interest in the paranormal.
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    It's about the D/s
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    I'm creating this group for ladies who wants to date with another girl .Main aim is to connect right people together and avoid waiting time. Please join me to create real serious and genuine females group.You can anytime.Hoping to see you in...  more
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    Should I say more
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    All lesbians from the US can gather here and talk freely. No hate or rudeness. (:
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    this is dedicated to the birth of punk - the ramones, sex pistols, new york dolls, iggy pop, blondie - right up to the punk of today.