• 154 members led by Smagic
    This is for all 40 yrs plus lovely ladies who would like to get in touch with other women of the same age group. A place to share interests, hobbies, ideas, anything you like of interest to us older women...
  • 149 members led by KJitsjustme
    this is a group for everyone who either lives out in the sticks and wants to find people closer to them or for people who sometimes just feel alone and in the middle of nowhere. Just want to lend a little support to everyone.
  • 144 members led by OkWhyNot
    A group to discuss web comics that feature gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and trans gendered characters. Includes links to a lot a really great webcomics as well.
  • 142 members led by JaneGSD
    A group for everyone who loves the iconic series.
    Add your favourite photos, videos and discuss the show.
  • 141 members led by BaNz
    in behalf of Filipinos, i am proud to be a lesbian.. & hope you are proud of yourself too..

    join here if your a filipino lez..
  • 139 members led by Wallace
    Girls living in northern or southern california
  • 137 members led by vicki-jane
    proud to be a vagatarian,THIS IS WOMEN ONLY ANY MEN WHO JOIN WILL BE REMOVED Any problems please contact me, sacredpride or katie.
  • 136 members led by billie
    Ladies of 35 years and over who want to chat, meet and make friends.
  • 134 members led by Kay74
    Post your feisty brunette's here, be it celeb or IRL

    This group is just for fun :-)
  • 132 members led by JazzieeStar
    This is a group for women 18 plus! :)

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