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    Any single lady can join and talk
  • 265 members led by joyciliciousz
    Group for women from the Philippines
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    Discuss any aspects of spirituality, add quotes, pictures etc!

    Everyone is welcome.

    :) x
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    Kenelis was born 8 years ago as Alt Rock band lead by stomping front women Mel Sanson. As an established band in 2011 when the rest of band couldn’t commit Mel Sanson took Kenelis by the reins! Staying true to her rock roots, punk attitude and high...  more
  • 253 members led by cyntss
    If you love travelling and the perfect girl for you would be one who is willing to explore everywhere with you. .
    Join this group.. maybe you can find her here.. :D

    Also a great place to chat about holidays and travel in general.
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    Ever have the feeling that you are not sure where you quite fit in?
    Sometimes you feel butch and at other times femme?
    Well, this is the group for you!
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    Discuss the show, your Favorite characters, add pictures, videos and more!
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    Just a little place to have a look at some of those fit female athletes from around the world, yummy :D
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    Group for femmes who love Butches and Vice Versa .. the Butch/Femme dynamic.
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    A group for lesbians from SA.