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    This is a group for younger lesbians
  • 362 members led by forbiddenlust
    For people that love reading and sharing their favourite books.Give you opinions and reccomendations..It sounds like a nerdy group but reading expands your your thoughts, imagination, experiences and many other things..
  • 360 members led by JaneGSD
    For women in the UK who would like to arrange 'real life' meet ups to get to know each other.

    Around half of the women from this site are from the United Kingdom.

    Join and connect with women from your area.
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    A group for gay women who live in or around Brighton and would like to attend events with other GGN members.
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    JOANovARC are an all girl band originating from London and the Home Counties. Initially mentored by Girlschool, they have combined influences from Motorhead, Metallica, Joan Jett, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, the Foofighters and Kings of Leon to create their own...  more
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    Is a group for women who want to have an active day out and m,ake new friends at the same time.Once a month we organise an activity ie paintball, surfing, mountain biking and then invite loads of girls to join us.Its a great way of meeting active lesbians.
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    Greymatter are an all gay girl British folk rock 5 piece from the South of England. Established in 2004 with a strong reputation for 'wowing' audiences with their engaging melodic catchy songs, heartfelt vocals and lyrics that just tell the story. They...  more
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    All ladies from the land down under...
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    For all of us in the Midlands to get together, chat & maybe even meet up...
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    ok girls this is a group for you to post your views on tatoos and to upload your pics and meetlike minded ladies xxxbooxxx