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    For all the lesbians who live in West Sussex
  • 40 members led by BlodynBach72
    Come and share a laugh or two. Just add any funnies and give us all a good laugh!
  • 40 members led by forbiddenlust
    Fan group for the beautifully talented Missy Higgins..Missy Higgins is an award winning Australian artist who is well known amongst the lesbian community..For those of you who haven't heard her music, you're missing out!!Check the latest links to become...  more
  • 40 members led by theywantmysoul
    Lesbians from Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut...and yonder, whatever :-D
  • 39 members led by Hammie
    Do you own a motorcycle or just like ladies who do? Then this is the group for you. Add your pics of your bikes or women you like on bikes.
    Oo women in leather, nice. Me myself i ride a motorbike a cruiser called betty.
    Betty is a yamaha xv 535s 1994...  more
  • 39 members led by finnie
    Whether it's a match in the pub or getting off our arses to go watch a game, I just want to meet other girls that love football. I support one of the smaller teams but am passionate all the same. If there's a game on the box I usually want to watch it....  more
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    There are already groups for women in London ( and Brighton ( ) but thought I would start one for women living in the South East of the UK too.
  • 38 members led by ArinaB

    This group is for all the girls out there who practice yoga; whether they practice it for fitness or for spiritual reasons. Share the different styles of yoga you do, what it has taught you, and how it has affected your life.

    Sat Nam.
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    for all you ladies out there that love angelina as much as i do!
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    The group is an place where families come together once a month and support each other. You will think that Family mean that you need to have children. We say that a couple is a family also. We as the Gay & Lesbian community do not have a place where we...  more