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    Vanilla is a lesbian bar based in the heart of manchesters gay village, just of sackville street, check out there site<br><br>if we can get enough gaygirls to join this group i am thinking of maybe arranging a weekly...  more
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    for girls who like to watch/ play rugby
    a place to discuss anything about rugby
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    I am glad that you joined dis group. Here you can talk about anything and choose your mates. I hope to find one for myself too. Have fun. Best of luck!! :D
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    For People who think that Tori Amos is a musical genius, a brilliant songwriter, and a generally awesome person.
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    ok round up round up put pic up here of your fav femme fetals!! weather its KD Lang or Angelina Jole, lets see um!
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    Hey ladies, thank you for you'rinterest In the group! Have fun, hang out, discuses your favorite games, ones you are looking forward to getting, and/are,currently playing. All Clans/Team/Orgs and platforms are welcomeAll I ask is that you respect each...  more
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    For all the lesbians who live in West Sussex
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    This group is for the music lovers out there :) Those who like to share and share alike. Discover new music through others and vice versa. Post videos, Your own music, anything you think deserves the right to be heard basically :) Sharing is Caring ;)
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    All the lovely ladies from the land of Briz Vegas- young or old- we should stick together :)
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    everything outside or against the mainstream