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    Support our troops, because they need it..
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    Hello beautiful ladies,im creating this group for anyone who likes or owns all types of animals.please feel free to brag,post pics and share ur furry friends adventures.
    Have a question or concern about your pets?add me Emma AB or post your questions...  more
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    For all things WENTWORTH! ♥
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    I know most of the bi and lesbian girls I know personally are studying Wicca, so there must be some on here, too.Those who don't know much about Wicca, no... it is not satan worship, it is not evil, dark magic, it is CERTAINLY not anti-human and...  more
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    A group to share tips and ideas about alternative health.
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    Discuss all things film - related here and maybe arrange trips to the the movies with women from your area.
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    if your 18+19 thiswould be a group for you. my name is Brandi looking for love and i know, im not the only 1 out there so, if you have the same occupations as me,if ur a fem or a butch type , you just might meet your match.
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    For all the ladies in the UK's North West area, Bolton,Manchester,Southport,Blackpool,Preston,Liverpool and other surrounding areas
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    London can be a lonely place! For any girls in their 20s looking to get to know some new people and possibly start some sort of lesbian street gang.