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    JOANovARC are an all girl band originating from London and the Home Counties. Initially mentored by Girlschool, they have combined influences from Motorhead, Metallica, Joan Jett, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, the Foofighters and Kings of Leon to create their own...  more
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    Greymatter are an all gay girl British folk rock 5 piece from the South of England. Established in 2004 with a strong reputation for 'wowing' audiences with their engaging melodic catchy songs, heartfelt vocals and lyrics that just tell the story. They...  more
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    For girls who love Tegan and Sara
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    For all who are interested in the wonder that is heavy metal (and its related genres) to discuss its greatness!
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    For girls who love a bit of headbanging rock or metal music.
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    A Place Where Women Who Are Into Dubstep Can Talk and Share Dubstep Mixes And Whatever Else We Can Come Up With About Dubstep.... feel free to post music files, youtube videos, blogs and what ever else you can think of about dubstep.... ...  more
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    For all Melissa Etheridge fans!
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    For People who think that Tori Amos is a musical genius, a brilliant songwriter, and a generally awesome person.
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    This group is for the music lovers out there :) Those who like to share and share alike. Discover new music through others and vice versa. Post videos, Your own music, anything you think deserves the right to be heard basically :) Sharing is Caring ;)
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    Fan group for the beautifully talented Missy Higgins..Missy Higgins is an award winning Australian artist who is well known amongst the lesbian community..For those of you who haven't heard her music, you're missing out!!Check the latest links to become...  more