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    For those of us who can't seem to meet nice folks in the real world...tragic but factually accurate!
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    A group for GGN members who would like to chat to other women from London and maybe arrange to meet each other!
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    Tis all in the name folks, a group for those with ink and lovers of ink.. and also all those who love Kat von D cause well... wow!!
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    I understand that is a very emotive subject however I feel it is one that needs to covered.
    I would appreciate if members could show their support by joining the page and of course joining this group.There is a link in the page to a petition where we are...  more
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    A place for single women to say what they looking for and what they want!
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    Anyone who doesnt really feel they fit in the 18+ but arent quite old enough for the 25+For those with a mature (but still fun) outlook on life!!Im 22 this year so.. yeah.. not quite in that 18 year old mode!! Sorry girls! Love you all though!Any rude,...  more
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    Join this group for Lip Service talk, news, photos and videos.
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    A group for femme women who love other femmes
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    Any younger chick who wants to meet others XD
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