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Help.I want her !

  • October 10, 2021 5:35 PM BST
    Hey not sure where to start but since i googled for how to and got here i hope someon can support me with a piece of advice.

    Im married for 8 years.i have been straight my hole life and now for several time i came to the conclusiom that i crave for a woman in my life.I love my hubby and dont want to ruin my marriage.

    So here my dilema.Since 1 week ago one girl we knew online searched helped with a accomodation and we provided .She works with us also.Since she is in my house i am always wet and horny i crave for touching her big fat booty and playing with her but not just the sexual desire is there .Also i feel the need of having her with me always .So i talked to my husband about it and he knows and totally supports me .He told to make her mine and conquer her heart.She is straight and likes guys.She smiles at my man so maybe that is a plus of getting me closer to her...maybe if she likes him i propose her we share him..or so ...

    I just want her .Ive never dated a girl but this is all i am dreaming.WHAT SHOULD I DO ? how can i approach her and let her know....i dont know how to approach a women and for more a straight one ...and me at the end with zero experience beside wathc lesbian ****.

    Any advice ?