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Help me to take a decision!

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    December 15, 2018 7:25 AM GMT

    Hey there,

    I had two porcelain crowns on my front teeth replaced on past January (2018). The previous ones which I had before, lasted for ten years. Now I'm 15 weeks pregnant, and yesterday morning I felt a sharp pain in my left front crown that went away after about a minute. Later on in the day the pain started coming back gradually, and became so bad at night that I couldn't bite down with the tooth and had to take a pain reliever. This is the second day now, and the severity of the pain comes and goes. But it is always sensitive to the touch. I brush twice daily and floss every day. I was wondering whether it is something related to pregnancy hormones (i.e. should I expect it to go away on its own) or should I go to the dentist?