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RS Christmas Event 2018 activity will start

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    November 30, 2018 8:31 AM GMT

    Winter Weekends

    Start from November 30th to January 7th

    Weekend 1: Elite Dungeons & Dungeoneering
    Weekend 2: Deep Sea Fishing & Fishing
    Weekend 3: Combat & Slayer
    Weekend 4: Gathering & Support
    Weekend 5: Minigames
    Weekend 6: Player Owned Farm & Farming
    All month: Player Owned Ports

    Advent Calendar

    From Dec. 1 to Christmas Day, every day you can get a festive free gift, including lamps, prismatic stars, relics, crates and an assortment of new cosmetics. Besides, there is an unique Christmas Day free gift available to all of you. At the same time, during the period, each you you can win different prizes from Treasure Hunter. And the Advent Calendar can be found on the Community tab.


    RuneScape snowboard obtained from previous Christmas events can be used for the rest of the month, with tricks available when it is equipped.

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