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ABCs ....imee

  • October 13, 2018 3:28 AM BST
    Always kiss each other upon departing. 
    Be there for her. always. 
    Create an environment of love. 
    Do it. now. 
    Escape from the society. 
    Fight fair. 
    Give of your time. 
    Handle with care. 
    Inspire your partner with your love. 
    Judge not. 
    Keep your good memories alive. 
    Listen to her. 
    Make love with your partner's needs foremost. 
    Never go to bed mad. 
    Offer to handle an unpleasant chore. 
    Praise him. 
    Quality time is a must. 
    Respect her feelings. 
    Say what you feel when you feel it. 
    Tell her you love her every day. everyday. everyday. everyday. 
    Understand your differences. 
    Valentines's day is every day. 
    Walk together. talk together. 
    eXcite your partner as only you know how. 
    You can never say "i love you" too often. 
    Zero-in on his little passions.