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older lesbian

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    September 2, 2018 10:51 PM BST

    I am 22 years old I am a student, I have an intimate relationship with another woman aged 58, a widower woman of strong personality I know this woman since the age of 15 since it is our neighbor I often visited her apartment she brought me to college with her car all seemed normal but one day she started to touch my body, I was scared at first but after I could not resist the intense pleasure, I live with my mother who works at night my mother do not know anything about this relationship even she has a friendly relationship with our neighbor, most of the time I spent the night with this woman since my mother worked the night  I know this woman for 7 years and I can not get away from her, I tried to know boys but it did not work I wanted to see a psychiatrist because I saw that our relationship is a weird relationship between a slender girl and an older fat woman, now she wants to rent an another apartment for our meetings

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    September 4, 2018 6:19 AM BST

    HOnestly Sara96 it is very difficult to understand the complexity of your relationship.

    But here's what I feel. 22 is an age where anyone who shows a bit of caring and love a person will instnatly fall for them. With all due respects to whatever the other lady makes you feel. Yet there can be million other sub-conscious reasons for you to like her the way you do. A major reason could be absence of your mom when you need her, as she is a single parent. Which your sub-conscious mind tries to fill with the care that this lady showers on you. There is no certainity that love is all that is there.

    I think you should take your time and concentrate on your studies and get a job and try to stand on your feet first. Financial security is very very important these days. And these are the days where you can do all the runnng around to get your career rolling. If you get stuck in emotional ties, it will hugely affect your career. Till then be in touch with her and see how it all pans out. If she reallly loves you she will wait for you to settle down financially.

    Regards to your physical relation, I feel at the end of the day we are all human. And if you are 2 conseting adults there's nothing wrong. But still, I feel you should let your mother in on this. You are still living with her, in her house and as a mother she has the right to  know everything about your life. It will be a huge heart break for her if she finds out through some one else.

    These are just my 2 its your life your decisions.

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    September 4, 2018 8:17 PM BST

    :) wow so because of "complexity of your relationship" we start assume things, who didnt have a mother who used to work it didnt leave us feel less loved? Surprised that previous reader didnt even discuss the responsibility laying on the shoulders of the ADULT one in the story, a 15 y old vs. a 50 y old? "And if you are 2 conseting adults there's nothing wrong" QUE??? To me looks like several cries for help, a girl growing up and understanding more and more how this was maybe wrong and a very odd "relationship" already from the beginning?? because the passing years didnt really make any of it more right. Here are the words that struck a nerve "she started to touch my body, I was scared at first" shouldnt the feeling of fear be some kind of confirmation that something isnt right?! ..and about the physical reaction "but after I could not resist the intense pleasure".. that is actually normal, at that age with the raging hormones etc. not weird at all, in fact the woman in this story knew exactly and thats why its sooo wrong. She crossed a big fat red line, and worst part ppl like her are predators she thought to test the waters and just see what happens how far she can go. I dont blame you at all, but her? To me it sounds like a kid who got her ALL FIRST experiences (and no Im not assuming you were a virgin before her doesnt matter) whether it's love, relationship, sex, teens/life etc. stolen by a fat old SICK lady. Sorry but its the truth. If anything about this had been right, you wouldnt try to seek a psychiatrist for answers? Or felt stuck like you are now? Curious to know if you ever also talked about this before with anyone else, because it doesnt sound like it. Anyways, if I had read a teen talk about its bit older, super hot teacher, they've known each other for several years. And then as young adult, life moved on and they somehow still connected and proceed with some kind of relationship and at that point describing the first encounters as "sweet, blew my mind, my hormones went through the roof" I would probably say yes go for it! nothing wrong there.. I would start just like you are now confronting my own feelings, but also definitely confront this woman. No idea how easy she is to talk to, but if not, get someone else to sit there with you? Go to a psychiatrist together maybe it would help to get rid of her, your own words btw.. My first thought if you had been my kid, I would seriously been furious with this woman no idea what I would have done with her when finding out, second to anyone reading this switch the woman in the story into a guy, what do you see?