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    April 1, 2018 2:44 AM BST

    I'd like to say first and foremost, that I am new here, so hi everybody!

    I've noticed a lot of amazing writers on here and was wondering if anyone plays any instruments? I've been playing guitar for two years now and love it. It sounds cheesy, but it has a therapeutic effect on me. 

    How about everyone else?

  • April 19, 2018 9:49 PM BST

    I play the drums. I started playing when i was little but stopped because my mom would yell at me saying i was too loud. but i never stopped loving the drums. after a friend of mine passed away i bought a drumset to fill in the void of time i would have spent with my friend. it has been incredibly theraputic for me. i haven't gotten to play as much since i've gotten a puppy though. 

  • April 11, 2019 2:48 AM BST

    I play the cello, been about three years now. It's both a passion and a hate at times, but I love every moment whether difficult or prideful. Music is a lifestyle for me, quite frankly an aspect that makes me the person I am today.