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Do you have any previous experience with laser hair removal?

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    November 13, 2017 6:15 AM GMT

    Hey. I am looking for a permanent hair removal solution. I am fed up with shaving especially the upper lip area. A friend of mine suggested a laser hair removal treatment from a clinic in Richmond Hill. Is it safe to undergo laser hair removal procedure on the face? My skin is very sensitive and I am worried about the side effects. Do you have any previous experience with laser hair removal?

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    March 20, 2018 3:47 PM GMT

    Laser treatment makes unwanted hair and fine lines disappear just by a snap of your fingers. But in the wrong hands, the hair removal can cause equal harm. It can burn your skin seriously and scar permanently. So before you throw down your cash for laser hair removal, you should read carefully the reviews of other clinic patients to make sure you go to a professional.

    It is advisable to speak first to a true dermatologist not a so called practitioner or therapist to get your skin checked first. If there are no contra-indications laser hair removal is quick and not really painful. You can feel mild discomfort when getting the treatment but it is for literally seconds. I highly recommend this of anyone's thinking.

  • March 20, 2018 4:02 PM GMT
    How will it relate to pubic hair,I’m looking for a permanent solution to remove my pubes. Wax and shaving works,but I hate when it gets stubby again.