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Are carpet cleaners poisons to pets?

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    March 24, 2017 10:41 AM GMT

    I am an animal lover. 2 months ago I bought a puppy when I went for an exhibition. It's very cute. Since I don't like to put it in a kennel, I let it roam around inside the house. For the past one week, the puppy seems to be very tired and he does not look well. I used to clean my carpets often with carpet cleaners since the puppy always sits on it. Recently, I came across an article which said that carpet cleaners can poison your pets ( ). The article also says that pets are more vulnerable to toxic products used at home, partly because I think they spend most of the time on the carpets and the harmful chemical substance can easily lay concealed within the fabrics of the carpet. Pets are also naturally more curious than their human counterparts thus increases the risk of them encountering harmful substances. If this is true then this could be the reason why my puppy is not well. Please do share your suggestion asap so that I can take him to the vet.