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Worried about my Niece....

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    February 17, 2017 4:24 AM GMT

    Hey! My niece is twelve years old and her name is Anne. She is very smart and loves to participate in school events.I have been very supportive of her. But something unusual happened last year. She was an active member of the sports community in her school and used to participate in the long jump, high jump and race. She fell down during the practice on the last day of their sports event. She lost a tooth from the lower jaw. My sister consulted an orthodontist in Burlington and a dental implant was done for the missed tooth. That incident made her very anxious about Anne’s health and future. This year also Anne wants to participate in the sports events. But my sister is really worried about her and asking me whether she should allow her to participate in the event or not. Can anyone suggest me what is to be done?