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It's complicated!!!!!

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    August 3, 2016 5:47 AM BST
    Hello there. I am so glad a found a place where I can freely talk about what is going on with me right now.

    I have a situation in which I need guidance and advice. I am a married woman and I have never been with a woman before. About 3 years ago I met a young lady who is beautiful, talented and also in a relationship. We grew fond of each other and built a strong friendship. We'd talk about anything and everything. She'd visit me a lot and say comments to my husband such as "your wife is beautiful! I wanna steal her " and it kind of made him uncomfortable. I never saw anything wrong with her comments because the last thought on my mind was that she was hitting on me,
    One day she calls and we start talking about her are life. She complained about her not getting enough sex and she watches lesbian porn and masterbated to satisfy her self. In the beginning I felt uncomfortable but sooner than later I was open to the conversation. She asked me if I ever watched lesbian porn and of course I said no. Soon enough she suggested I did. So I did. I tried something new and I liked it. You see, she introduced me to a whole new world that I never thought of. I learned to masterbate and as time passes we started talking about how it would feel to try it. This situation, talking to her and sharing favorite lesbian porn got me too hot one day and so o dared to ask her if she would give it a try with me. I thought she have me all the signs and although I never tried it I wanted to with her. We decided to face time each other and have phonesex. It was great and new but now she won't call me or message me,

    My question is, should I forget it all happened? L how do I deal with this situation
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    December 17, 2016 10:28 PM GMT
    I have been in a similar situation. She probably feels guilty since she is in a relationship and being with a woman even though it was only phone sex is a whole new feeling. She needs to get use to that feeling and she could've really liked it and it made her uncomfortable. Give her some space and hopefully she will come around.
  • April 3, 2017 8:12 PM BST

    .lol sharing porn is fun yes but only if your single sorry i dont tolerate cheating /flirting apparently both of you are infatuated so need to hold on . She already give u a sign when she left you waiting so dont waste your time love people who appreciate you not for sex