Success Stories from our Lesbian Chat & Lesbian Network:

  • "I was looking for a UK lesbian dating site where I could chat with other women and network as well as maybe find love.
    Well, I have been with my wife who I met on here for 3 very happy years and have made lots of friends too.
    Thank you GayGirlNet!"
    Alison, London. UK.
  • "This site is a God-send, definitely the best site for lesbians that there is!" Rose, USA.

  • "We are so happy to have found each other on this site. We joined as strangers to make friends and ended up falling in love. We are so much in love and are planning our future together. All thanks to GGN. Thank YOU!!" Sarah, Portsmouth. UK.

  • "Thank you GayGirlNet, this site has literally changed my life. I used to feel so lonely and isolated and quite literally, the only gay in the village. Being able to come on here and talk to like - minded friends has helped me to both come out and be who I really am, and has alievated the feelings of loneliness." Sally, Wales.

  • "The date is set for mine and Pinkey's wedding - am so excited!! So to everyone who is involved in running this site, without you guys we would have never met, so a Massive HUGE THANK YOU to you all. xx" Emma, UK.

  • "I just wanted to say thank you to the amazing admin on this site! I met my girlfriend on here and we're taking online dating to the extreme with me moving from Australia to the UK to be with her!" Thank you GGN! Sarah, Australia.

  • "I joined GGN to make new friends but ended up meeting the love of my life who I'm now engaged to. We're now busy planning the rest of our lives together which includes having children. Thank you GGN!" Zoe, UK.

  • "Just wanted to say how impressed I am by the site. Nice to have an easy to use inclusive safe space to meet new people and share thoughts and views :)". Angela, USA.

  • " is a great site and everyone is really friendly. I have made some cracking friends on here." Tracey, UK.

  • "Thank you GGN. You have allowed me to meet one of the most amazing women I have ever met. I can't even begin to explain how amazing our connection is". A, USA.

  • "This site is just like Facebook but just for us gay women and with a friendly community". Hannah, UK.

  • "I have met the love of my life on here. We have just celebrated out 3rd year. Thank you so much". Jess, USA.

  • "It's a brilliant site with genuinely lovely people". Just like a lesbian Facebook". Rachel, London. UK.

  • "Hello! I'm back, ended up getting a lovely girlfriend after signing up for this site, but you can never have enough lesbian buddies!" R, USA.

  • "Totally wasn't expecting for this to be just like Facebook. Haha. Lesbian Facebook... I like". Kasey, Texas.

  • "Hi Jane, thanks for running such a great place for women to share, chat, exchange thoughts and to find their love. Great work! Love, Maity" Maity, Philippines.

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Lesbian Chat, Lesbian Dating, Lesbian Social Network.

  • Our site has lesbian chat, lesbian dating and a very friendly community of over 95, 000 gay and bi women.

    It's both a lesbian social network and a lesbian dating site so the perfect place for you if you're looking for Ms Right or have already found her!

    The emphasis of the site is friendliness - it has a genuine community feel and is run by gay women for gay women.

    Regular 'real life' meet ups are organised. So far they have included meals, weekends away, trips to the cinema, theatre, music events, picnics, BBQs, drinks, Sunday roasts, Champagne Dining, as well as many other activities.

    We look forward to welcoming you to the Community.